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Hi I am French 31 years old made a formation last year on 3DSmax, then would make animation, but if I want do muscles I need find plugin, and animation with CAT, is not really what I like,

I tried several years before : Maya, and I don't know why but I always found its mr version more "natural" than the 3DSmax version, don't ask me why !

I need/want do animation with muscles and Maya seems very good with that, it's a little annoying to have to start since the begin with another program but know 3DSmax and Maya it's a + in a 3D univers isn't it !
For the moment I just finished the 1st Chapiter of Mastering Maya !
Tomorrow I start the 2nd with "Camera" !

I prefer do everything rather try to start with shader and lighting, even if I would learn them in first !
I prefer do that smartly

Cordially, forgive my english when it's bad !

Why I am here, well I searched for a Maya forum with a lot of people and it's this one I found, I found others but all with all others 3D programs, and a French one who is rather good but there are not a lot of people ! So here I came !

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