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Alas like NURBs I fear SubD's were added to Maya as a marketing scheme and were never really given proper attention. NURB's and SubD's in Maya have not been touched in in years. YEARS! In fact the entire SubD menu has been removed from Maya as of I believe Maya 2014. The tools are still there but hidden in the command line API.

I would seriously not recommend Maya for any serious subd projects. There are many weaknesses in Maya's subd tools compared to other packages who's names I will not mention here. Just as a simple example if you revert a subd back to poly all your creasing information is lost and you have to redo it when switching back to subd. Which makes modifying the base poly mesh after converting to subd impractical. I cannot think of any workflow that would have you redo all your work every time you have to make a base level adjustment.

Even if you can live with the creasing being lost issue, I find Maya creasing produces all kinds of artifacts when rendering. I had major stability issue with Maya since 2009 and have been using other packages that support subd and I do not see the rendering issues in those packages. I suspect this is due to Maya SW engineers not really putting any effort at all into improving the SubD tools for the last several years.
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