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Ok, after trying to recreate your problem, I'm left with more questions than answers for you.

The fist problem is that I'm running 8.5 Unlimited, but I really don't think that is the issue here.

I noticed a LOT of funky resolution issues in your shot besides the ridges you circled.

So, what I first tried to mess with was the wave height in the Ocean shader and what I first found was that the sharper the inclination in the height graph, the more visible the mesh triangles became.

So, I made the graph smoother, and they went away.

Might this be one of the things you changed?

If so, try smoothing-out the graph and see if that solves a bit of the triangle problems

Lemme know if that helps a little

The image below shows my sharp graph at the top, then a large version of my "smoothed" graph.
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