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Default Nurbs to Poly and Smoothing

Well guess this is my first question, i was modelling simple stuff like the hammer from the tutorial maya ple came with and have a question.
Nurbs to Poly and to subd seems to be the best way to do things, if so at nurbs, do you guys create curves and then revolve and so on to get the shape you want. I tried to extrude the nurbs cube but couldn't then tried a poly cube and extrude face. It works. Anyone wants to explain how to manupilate nurbs primitives.
After poly, you smooth it right? Can you go back to edit the polys like in lightwave, tab for subd and tab to come back to poly. Sorry a lightwaver myself.
Last question i promise, I want to move vertex around like the drag tool in lightwave, not selecting each vertex and then move it.
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