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TDW's newbie questions

Hi guys, I'm new here and also new to Maya. As I will have a bunch of questions now and then, I thought it might be a good idea to make one thread for them all, rather then spamming the whole site with my questions.

I've been using Blender since 2 years, so I'm familiar with 3d modeling in general already, but getting used to a new app is a whole different thing. I've been watching tons of tutorials about Maya lately and some things are pretty selfexplaining, but I'm still missing some functions, which were not explained in all those tutorials and those are pretty essential to me. For example:

1. How do I simply select/ unselect all objects in object mode or all verts/ edges/ faces in edit mode? Also is there a way to select islands, meaning verts or faces that are connected?

2. Is there a button to occlude backgroud geometry? Like when I select a face, the face on it's opposite side doesn't get selected aswell. I know about the select paint tool, but it would not be my favorite for that issue.

3. Is there a way to select edge lops by shortcut, like just selecting a single edge in a loop and get the rest selected too?

4. Why ain't the z-axis the height axis in Maya, pretty confusing???

Ok, that shall be enough for the beginning.

Greets, TDW!!!

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