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Maya vs 3ds Max ?

Hello, probably this was asked many times before, but I'm going to be more specific, I'm curious what Maya does better than Max since I know Max pretty well but I'm new to Maya and I'm not sure if it's worth a switch.

Here's what I do mostly including what I plan to do:

- Look Development / Shading or whatever you wanna call it.
So far Maya seems bit more comfy in terms of UI customization, nodes seems a bit harder to work with, but there's some pros too such as "Favorite material", "Zoom to Material" etc.
- Texture Mapping
Still newbie in this area, but I'm not sure if Maya supports multiple UV's on same model, for example in Max there's map numbers, I can for example set map #1 as original UV map and then add another UV on top e.g. Box or Planar and set is as map #2 then in the bitmap settings set which UV to use. Also Maya doesn't have Multi-Sub material so if let's say I assign material on selected faces and accidentally delete the shader how do I find the selection? I suppose it gets deleted too.
- 3D Modeling
Imo Maya wins here especially since it even has sculpting.
- Lighting
Seems like Max sort of wins here by a little, Maya has look through, while Max has Highlight Picker which is way more powerful tool in terms of placing lights and the rest is sort of same.
- Motion Graphics
Max has TyFlow, Thinking Particles and PFlow, Maya only has MASH which is very basic and super limited. BiFrost as far as I know is only for Fluid simulations sort of alternative of FumeFX and PhoenixFD.
- Large Scene with a lot of materials management
Max is just insane I guess that's why it's the most popular software for ArchViz, it's so easy to find stuff very fast, replace materials and so on. Heard it's similar with Maya.

Of course I don't know a lot about Maya so I'm curious if there's some fancy stuff in Maya since it's animation and rendering software used a lot in the Industry so it has to have better lookdev and lighting features.

P.S. I'm using V-Ray 5 as main renderer.

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