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Texture upload

A long time ago I bought a game called Total Annihilation... a game that really rocked my world - because it was fully 3D and I played it night and day... Then I followed up on some forums and saw that you were able to create your own units.. so at that time I did not have access to a 3D program.... so with my modem 56k I ****** **** **** *** **** *** and created my own unit.

The problem is that I wanted to texture my unit with my own texture.. and at that time I did not know how and where to get good and simple seamless texture... so I started to brows the internet and grabb all the texture I can get..

So Now I have alot of textures on cd and would like to share so that future Maya users have all the items they want to create greate models with even greater texture.

The question is on what is the limit size to upload texture - I have approx 30 with texture files on them and would like to upload some texture

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