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Maya Sound sync and rendering with sound?
Hi. We can add sound on maya project in timeline. But how can we render it with sound?
I render my projects so:
I do batch render and save my all frames as _#.iff and I use a program for combine this iff files and convert to avi. Even so I cant hear any song or the quality is not very good despite of I cgoose rendering options high quality (1080p) on maya render options.
I convert avi without sound. Okey I will put voices on sony vegas. But I cant put voices stable.
For Example; I do an animation and there is a boy who is says "Hello my friends". This animation is 10 second on maya timeline. but when I render it it will be 15 second or less. So I cant put my sound as stable on my animation.

So my question is; Can't we do video render on maya without different program? And Can't we render with sounds?

Sorry for my poor english. Thank you.
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