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Unable to deselect vertice/edge bug
Quick question about something that bugs me every now and then, usually just live with it, but now I'm gonna ask....

Every now and then I'll get a vertice or an edge that will remain 'selected' even when I click off of it. If I select any of the translate/rotate tools etc, they wont effect it, but it stays 'selected' in the heads up display count, so....say I have a vertice that I cant deselect, and then I select two others, the heads up display will tell me that I have three vertices selected, but i will only be able to move the two that I purposely selected. So it's not really an issue....I just wondered if anyone else gets this, and if there's a way of sorting it out. I end up more and more just saving...shutting down...and restarting Maya to get rid of it.

Is it just a glitch? or is Maya trying to tell me something, a topology issue or something? I had 3 edges I couldnt deselect yesterday, and now it's happened again, with this vertice in the picture attached. It just annoys me when it happens, wondered if it was an anomoly or if it happened for a reason...?
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