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Im not going to gloss this subject so dont take it the wrong way young man...

For most cases in a vfx company..tris are really frowned upon, they wont go through a sanity/model checker in most cases. Its quads all the way. And yes we know every quad is divided into a tri at render time, but thats render time, not model creation or rigging and so on.

To be totally direct... Stahlberg is good... He isnt involved in VFX , he is more mmo and realtime online and all that, so tris arent going to be a limitation for him so he can get away with it.He is good at what he does, dont get me wrong and I learned a few things off him about 10 years ago with regard to subds, but thats as far as it goes. We have all got alot of respect for him as an artist as he is very very good, but as I said he doesnt work in vfx and therefore he can say about using tris here or there. He has reason to because of his line of work.

I mean this is the guy that puts five siders in a characters face because he simply cant be bothered to go around and tidy up ( he has even said this) he has also contradicted this too saying dont put these types of geo in deforming areas. Yet he does it.

This is why I said about tris being more useful for games and so on.

we could go around all day discussing the tri and the quad approach, but the fact is, quads are the preferred method for vfx - simple.

As you are a Technical Director you should be aware of this already

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