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Maya is giving me a major headache once again. I've done a couple of tutorials and started with the first modeling attempts. I'm trying to cobble somewhat like a head together, lol. What troubles me is that duplicate special thingy.

1. In Blender there is a clipping option. As soon as the center border of the two halfs meets at the middle, it automatically snaps together. In maya I can just move both half through eachother. How can I make the connect in the middle?

2. I saw in a tutorial that you can kinda subsurf the mesh by using this proxy thingy. Well, when I try it on the head now, there are some ugly artifacts, looking like doubled and twisted faces. How can I properly add a subdivision level at that current stage you see on the picture.

3. Why do manipulation tools just disappear in front/side/top view???

4. When I'm in edge/vert select mode and I accidently click on the spaces on the model inbetween, maya always switches back into object mode. Why is that and how can I avoid it?

5. When I select an edge on the model and delete it, the edge is gone, but the geometry is still the same. If I delete an edge or vert in Blender it leaves a pretty big hole in the mesh like it's supposed to.


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