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New tutorial - Modeling a custom fit 3D printable face mask in Maya 2020

A quick disclaimer, I'm not a medical professional and this tutorial is done as a modelling exercise in Maya for our community over at

Living in a country in which the warning of facemasks is compulsory I was asked by several people to 3D print masks for them. I'm taking you along on my journey to design and print a face mask in Maya. Its both an interesting modelling project and a way to print yourself a mask with a more comfortable fit.

Solidworks or Fusion 360 would be a better choice in this case but if you're a Maya user and would like to learn more about using Maya to design 3D printed objects this might be a project for you.

Please note this is not a replacement for real PPE.

Project files both Maya and the STL files can be found here

The model of the head used in this video can be found here
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