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You're right, Vlad. THAT clip shows off that the rig works but it doesn't show the rig at all. I made that clip with the rig off to not distract "non CGI" people on other boards who would not understand any of it.

As per your request, here is a clip that demos all of the rig controls. The file is a 10.5 meg quicktime file and it runs a little over 2.5 minutes.

rig demo

While I was uploading this file to the net, I had a chance to fix some things with the rig that I wasn't happy about. Watch how the locators that control the IK rotators for the elbows work. I didn't like it so I changed the way they are hooked into the hierarchy plus I added joint limits on the elbows because they were flipping when the IKs were manipulated. Problem solved!

The legs are completely controlled by 2 nurbs circles around the ankle. The feet are completely SDKed.

All comments and questions are welcome :bow:
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