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The tail uses an IKspline and 4 clusters. No expressions.

I used SDKs for the feet.

I used expressions for the fingers so that I could get the joints to rotate at different proportions. IE joint1.rx = joint2.rx * .7 ;
nothing fancy....

I haven't developed a set way of doing anything yet. Mostly, I address the problem then come up with a solution. I'm sure that in time, I will start to use the same solutions for the same kinds of problems but right now I don't rig that many models.

Giving credit: 2 years ago I tried to rig a dinosaur foot very much like the back foot on the create referred to in this thread. Anyway, I couldn't get his foot to work. I tried for 2 months to figure out how to get it to bend and move but I couldn't.... Someone on this board, I can't remember who, showed my how to do it. He even sent me a file showing how it worked.. I took his information and added my own ideas to it and finally came up with a rig that does what I need it to do. To that person who helped me 2 years ago, THANK YOU!
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