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LOL Im flattered mate as I think my skills are very amateurish...I have only been doing it as a hobby for about a year, I have a LONG way to go to be as good as ctbram, tweety or daverave, paldav or anyone I know on here (if I didnt mention your wasnt ignorance just too many of you LOL).

I used to try and combine it all but it was pointed out that isnt required. The helmet was seperate but I did combine the shell, the face is seperate as are the tubes etc on the helmet itself. No the only curves I used are on the air intake at the top and the tubes at the side...the rest started as cubes or cylinder poly's mate.

The spongy looking stuff between the legs and knees are just helix's manipulated. I try and do as many of the free tuts on here and Free friday is cool man (though some I do anyway in my models). I try and do bits of things like the Rain tut and some Dynaimcs as well as the tutorials proper. I would recommend (depending on your skill of course) the Spitfire tutorial....that wasnt too has a bit of everything in it.

It really depends on what you want to do...I WILL recommend the lighting doesnt matter if you have a model so good Lucas craps his pants...if the lighting is crap..the model will look crap DO that one in you spare time whilst you model. I cant do organics but now that I have achieved 'toddler' status amongst all the good artists here...I went for Jays Chef Ramsay...I felt daunted but once I got into isnt overly taxing on the brain. Just take it slow and take notes...I have a book now where I listen and watch and take notes as well as model, or light.

Im really getting enthused and hope to one day produce something as good as the guys here can....DONT get discouraged and take the crits from those (you will work them out) as help because thats what we are all here have FUN and to help anyone we can...because thats what makes Simply Maya the best damn place on the net mate....but dont forget...hard work from you will be the thing that makes the difference!!

I will post some wires soon for you man so you can see whats going on...smoothed and unsmoothed...TIP, not EVERYTHING has to be smoothed...sometimes just bevels etc are fine..depending on the material and how close you are going to get.......

cheers bullet

"A Darkness at Sethanon", a book I aspire to model some of the charcters and scenes

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