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Beginning Rigging, Questions

Hey guys.

Iím currently in a study group, studying at University of Aalborg in Denmark. We are currently in the process of creating a script/plugin for easing the rigging process for beginners.

In order to create the best possible product, we need information of users and their needs. We hope that you guys will help us by answering a couple of questions regarding when you rig, and your general thoughts on the process.

As mentioned, the product will be targeted beginners, but we would love answers from everyone.

The questions are as follows:
Describe your normal approach to the process of rigging?
Which stages do you go through?
Which tasks does it normally include?
What tools are used for the tasks?
Which tasks do you see yourself (with regards to rigging) doing most often? (and least?)
Do you have any annoyances about your current work flow?
What are the most common problems you encounter?
Why do they occur?
How do you go about solving these?
Which functions would you like a rigging plugin to be capable of?
Which procedures would you want could be done faster, eased or perhaps even automated?

Feel free to comment and post your general thoughts on the topic as well.

Hope to hear from you