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# 1 02-02-2004 , 11:41 PM
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Mirroring weights n membership on rigid skin

Ok, so after meticulously adjusting the membership and weights of all the CVs on the right side of a rigid nurbs model, I want to mirror my work on the left side. Is there a quick and easy way to do this? Or do I have to do the same painstaking adjustments all over again except for the left side this time?

# 2 04-02-2004 , 06:34 PM
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this should work:

go to the menu: skin>edit smooth skin>mirror skin weights

that's the tool.

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# 3 13-12-2005 , 04:13 PM
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Mirror Skin Weights

Yes, mirror skin weights... But using mirror skin weights on my model does nothing. The button does nothing!!!


It's late here. What have I done wrong?

# 4 07-03-2006 , 05:29 AM
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exporting membership to a file?

I would like to know if is possible to import/export the membership and it's weights to a file.
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# 5 07-03-2006 , 03:27 PM
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ok, gun-kata: if you have rigid bound your nurbs model, then you can not mirror skin weights because that is option is for smooth skin bind. but, if you have rigid bind then you will be able to adjust the skin weight maps by going to deform> paint cluster weights tool>options ..
if you use this tool, then in there there is an option called reflection. you can turn this on, and all the action you perform on one side of the model will be reflected on the other side depending upon the axis you choose.

epatata, i don't know about rigid skinning , but it is possible to export skin weight maps in smooth skinning through skin>edit smooth skin>export skin weight maps..

# 6 08-03-2006 , 04:12 AM
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ok utpal

dont worry about me utpal, I'm creating my own script to import/export membership and it's weights. If it interest anyone I can make it available for download. Just let me know.


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