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Scoring the soundtrack for your movies

What's the most common method people use to make music for their movies? I'm talking about no budget, one guy in his basement kind of stuff. I don't have any instruments, so I was thinking of using a midi keyboard for my PC and then a program that has instrument synthesizers. Any reccomendations for me? I need chinese type music, and I have to make it myself.

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Propellerheads' Reason software will give you a lot of bang for the buck and won't break the bank. The theme for the tv show alias was created with that.

"Terminat Bora Diem, Terminal Auctor opus."
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So that program will let me create music with any kind of instrument i want? Is it difficult?

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it depends on how much music theory you know...
i do know enough not to try myself and ask for help instead (if i want something relatively well done)

My advice would be: Ask for your local music practicing locals, buy a pair of autoproduced demo cds(they tend to be cheap) and talk some of the groups whose style match what youre looking for into colborating in your project. It is probable some of them would be very interested to compose something for you if you credit them (and pay them a bit if you make money from it) and some of those groups are ****ing good indeed...

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