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looking for all 3 views of a piticular dog

Hi guys and gals,
I am having a little trouble with finding a piticular dog that shows a front, side, and top views. I am looking for a "Blues Clues" type of dog or that are goofy looking.

The reason why I am looking this type of dog is because I am planning to build a childrens web site with a few charcters of my own. It is basically a learning site that teaches children different types of motor skills and my dog that I like to model will be a supporter type of dog. For instances, "Help rocky the dog find all of his toys and place them in there proper places.".

So in reality I can't have a mean looking pit dog or a doberman pintcher type of dog. It needs to be cute and goofy. The problem is I have tried seaching in this forum as well as in google. In this forum most of the replies back in here say do a search in google. Though I did search google, but when I do a search on say "dog side view" the results come back either the dog is in 3/4 view or they are in side view but the dog's face is turned towards you. And when I do find a side veiw dog then of course I can't find that some dog in front view and top view. In addition to this, I also downloaded the cartoon dog video in here but I guess because I am a newbie, I had a little troubles with it because the tut didn't have a front view and top view picture and it is dort of not what I am looking for anyways.

So my question is could you help me out a little with either some pictures or know what kind of keywords I should use in google?

owe and BTW, here is an example of a type of dog I am looking for.

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