Integrating 3D models with photography
Interested in integrating your 3D work with the real world? This might help
# 16 09-11-2005 , 08:02 PM
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lol. funny stuff.
user added image

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U know u're a Maya Geek when...

-You see a dead octopus at the market. Then, you buy it. Later, at your house, you open its tentacles and wonder why there aren't any joints inside it.
-When you see a horribly ugly women walkin' at the street, you think: "Ok, that's definitively a Noobish work. But I can make it better with a little tweaking over there, and a bit of quality texturing and rendering with MR."

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# 18 10-11-2005 , 11:17 PM
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When you look at a wall and think "I really should repaint that bump map."

Originally posted by utpal
- stare at people's faces to figure out where the edge loops go

When used to paint alot i always found myself staring at peoples faces as if they were 2d and thinking about the highlights and shadows.

# 19 14-11-2005 , 02:04 PM
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Originally posted by utpal
- stare at people's faces to figure out where the edge loops go

i did that once..... she called me a freakozoid....... user added image

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Originally posted by cung
i did that once..... she called me a freakozoid....... user added image

I feel you man, I know how it is...boops n' loops.


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aww.... i'm just a newbie, but i naturally observe people user added image it's part of bieng an artist ^^ oh, and some things that were written were really funny ^^ >.<

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Stand naked infront of a mirror and start painting loops on your torso with a marker... Which I've just done... OMG! :headbang:

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Haha blomkaal, N E R D O ! just kidding but still lmao

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# 24 19-11-2005 , 05:51 PM
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how about sending us those images.... seriously, just for reference, no pun intended...:p

# 25 20-11-2005 , 01:08 AM
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...See the world in wireframe...
....Fall asleep half done with a model... and wake up with it looking like a wadded up peice of paper...
....ask your wife to take her top garmets you'll have a nice boob reference...>.<
... try and figure out how to get the dodge viper at the car lot home and in your house... for reference material...
...replace three keyboards in a year..because the space and alt keys are worn out...o.O

all of those are on my list... anyone else?..>.<

By the by...i love that " you've got nice loops" quote.....i'll have to try that one on my wife sometime Heh


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