Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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New Laptop!

So I'm trying to get a new comp. I'm also switching from a pentium D desktop to a laptop. I went a hunting at best buy and found some ones that I thought were pretty good considering I will want to run Maya on them user added image. I wanted to know what you guys think about them.

I know I've left out alot of info, this is just most of the basic stuff

I5-450 2.4 Ghz
4 Gb ram ddr3
500gb hard drive
geforce 310m graphics card
4 hours battery life

I3-350 2.27Ghz
4 gb ram ddr3
500 gb hard drive
Intel HD Graphics----------(Not really sure how to compare this to nividia cards?)

i3-330 1.20ghz
4 gb ram ddr3
gforce 310m graphics card
around 500gb hard drive

i7-720qm 1.60ghz (8 cpu's)
4 gb ram ddr3
geforce 330m graphics card
500gb hard drive

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The Intel HD gfx card will do you no favors at all my advice would be to avoid that one for Maya.


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My advice is don't buy a laptop... user added image
You get more value for buck on regular workstations...

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LoL, I have a cheap Toshiba Satellite Laptop that i use for when i am traveling. spent about 400$ usd on it. Granted it will not win any marathons, but it runs maya just fine if you can deal with a lower resolution and a vit of view port lag.
I do recommend though getting a mouse and not using the touchpad, because well. that's just....impossible. for me atleast.

Basically i say Drop alot of money on your desktop machine, if you want a laptop just get something that will get you by for traveling or what not. Doing large amounts of work form a laptop is impracticable anyway imh.


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I give my laptop as much as I give my desktops and its great for it, dell M6500.

If you really want a laptop be prepared for lack of upgrades with the processor and gfx.

AS Dave said though, make sure you get a dedicated graphics card, this will cost more but work, gFORCE work well. Quadro work qualified.

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hmm... well then maybe ill just get a cheaper laptop for internet use and writing papers, and buy a very nice desktop later down the road.

Thanks so much for the advice guys!

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