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Old 03-11-2010, 07:56 PM   #1
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Default Best tut to get into Zbrush

Anyone point out the best tut to get started in Z Brush. I know there are loads but I want to know which ones got you going as every time I try and use this program the rubbish interface gets in my way. I`m going to give it one more try while looking for work.

Failing that will have to give Mudbox another go (now at least my new PC can now run it)

Edit: Just want to add its for organic character work only at the mo...

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ben hobden
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I dont think there was any one I could point too as 'the' one. I think I learned mainly just by trial and error, and just straight perserverance. The interface I couldnt get my head round at first, and I dont really think theres any tutorial (that I know of) that made that easier. personally I think it's mostly a case of just putting in the hours and it just starts to feel more and more familiar and less and less like it wants to ruin your mind.

I sometimes think having books in hard copy is better than online tutorials which you turn on and off, and Eric Keller and Scott Spencer both have quite good books on ZBrush. But id say, like, with your trapjaw model, just import that into Zbrush and start playing. When you get to a point when you're not sure what to do, or you want to do something but dont know how...look it up... I think that would be good as if you follow a tutorial you'll end up making something which you otherwise might not have chosen to model...?? And because youve already invested time into your trapjaw model, thatll make what you do that little bit more intuitive.
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I can honestly say Scott Spencers book, both are awsome, and will show you properly. Both books include a dvd too so you can see stuff done as well as read it. However some of the features such as the multi displacement plugin are now obselete in ZB4 as they have made it a little easier.

the interface of Zb is fine once you know where to look for stuff. Unfortunately we are all alike when we dont understand something and are eager to dismiss things at a glance. Give it a go ZB is far more powerful for sculpting and will handle the poly count better overall too. Mudbox begins to grind on most systems once the count goes over a certain limit.

We are running some serious kit here at work and have just gotten rid of Mudbox because of memory issues with poly count

have fun with Zb

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Old 05-11-2010, 07:58 AM   #4
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Hi Tweety,

I would recommend Scott Specers book aswell, its realyl good and gets you into both the basics and the advanced stuff too.

Heres the Amazon link
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