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Default Movie Oddities

When my family watches a movie, we can't help but notice odd things or things that don't make sense. There are so many of them.

One of those odd things for me is when they go from one time of day to another in a matter of seconds. For example, we just watched Hoodwinked. At one point in the movie near the end, Red and her Grandma are going down a mountain in/on a cable car. It's pitch black with stars out as if it's midnight. By the time they get to the bottom it's broad daylight as if in the middle of the afternoon, even though it only took them about a minute to get to the bottom. This fast time of day switch happens alot in cg movies and I just find it odd. I understand why they do it though, it's just weird haha.

What about you? You ever noticed something odd about movies?
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I usually notice things like. Wrecked cars in that suddenly have no dents in them. Commando is a good example, Arnold rolls a car over on its side gets out, flips it back over, the drivers side is crushed in , the scene edits and you see him drive off in a brand new car.

Or also i notice stuff like in Star Trek TNG. they are all in the ready room for instance with their nice glass of what is assumed to be water ...and you'll notice the liquid level in the glasses changes constantly, full empty, half full, ect. Specially with Jonathan Franks, he drank alot of the water between takes and during some scenes, so the prop guys were always having to refill it,but never got it to the same level twice it seems.

Theres also things that one might notice like.. In the new BSG, you'll see in one episode ( i cannot remember which one) the Ncc-1701 in the fleet, and later in the same episode you'll see a flrefly class freighter in the fleet as well.

and i think someone has pointed out a millennium falcon and a few other sw ships in some ST movies.

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I usually dont see anything....though having started maya in the last year I am noticing more and more...though some of them are also just "WTF?" RE5 which I watched yesterday...the dude takes off in the plane to get to Arcadia..when you see the plane on the ship...its crashed..yeh..BUT there are no skid marks etc and I pointed out to my son..."the plane is facing the wrong way"...he said "huh? I dont get you Dad?"...have a look at the plane the dude (who cant fly really) has somehow dodged the bridge and landed in a bunny hop fashion.

I think you will find a lot of those in the Star Trek TOS as well LOZ LOL...funny stuff

"A Darkness at Sethanon", a book I aspire to model some of the charcters and scenes
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