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# 1 02-10-2014 , 12:18 AM
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ambient occlusion in mi_car_paint_phen_x

mi_car_paint_phen_x doesn't have the ambient occlusion option like mia_material_x. How would you add ambient occlusion to mi_car_paint_phen_x? I tried different methods and nothing really works. Thanks.

# 2 04-10-2014 , 04:26 PM
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I dunno how to do it natively but I know rendering it in Maya Hardware Render 2.0 & turning on the SSAO/AO ambient occlusion

and then layering (in photoshop/adobe after effects if animation)

the hardware render 2.0 RENDER on TOP of the mental ray render and putting multiply blend on the hardware render 2.0 would make it look like has AO too

# 3 05-10-2014 , 07:41 PM
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Isn't that kinda like using the mib_amb_occlusion node on a lambert? Is there a way to maybe render -just- the ambient?

# 4 05-10-2014 , 08:13 PM
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You might be able to use the texture layer node.................dave

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# 5 05-10-2014 , 11:09 PM
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Let's say I add mi_car_paint_phen_x and mib_amb_occlusion to a layeredTexture. (did you mean layeredShader?) Then I need to connect the layeredTexture to a material, I can't just assign the layeredTexture to an object. Non-mentalray materials don't play well with mentalray materials so putting the layeredTexture in the color slot of a blinn probably wouldn't be a good idea. If I put the layeredTexture in the color slot of a mia_material_x then I might as well enable the ambient over there and not bother with layeredTexture and plug the mi_car_paint_phen_x in the additional color slot of mia_material_x. That's what I did and after spending time playing with the settings I got both the ambient and mi_car_paint_phen_x to show in the render. The ambient looks ok but I don't think mi_car_paint_phen_x shows too well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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