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IBL technical issue


I'm working on my IBL techniques and I've run into a problem which I'm having some issues fixing so I hope somebody will be able to assist.

I've included some images to illustrate what is happening. The first image is the wine glass next to the bottle. This is the effect I'm striving for. You can see the glass with the wine inside and it's very clear and straight forward as to what you are looking at.

I have included all the individual elements as well as a render with them together. I can't seem to figure out why the fluid in the glass is so distorted. Is it due to reflection, refraction or something else? I may have overlooked something obvious so I would like to ask for help in adjusting the scene to correct the render.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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There seems to be an issue of coincidental geometry. Avoid having the liquid and glass sharing faces that sit right on top of each other. Scale the liquid so that it pokes through the inside of the glass just a tiny bit. Also by doing that, you'll correct the air gap in the current render. Basically, the liquid is supposed to look like its touching the "outer layer" of the glass as seen in my test render on the left and the reference image on the right.

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Thanks for replying. I finally figured out that the problem is exactly what you described.
It's the small details that cause the most problems.

Thanks again.

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