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Glass dampens light from inside a bulb - Bloom fails

Hey guys,

I'm experimenting with light bulbs at the moment. I'm trying to make the light from the filament to bloom - I can do that if I remove the glass, but once the glass is present it just kinda dampens the light. See bellow:

Without glass:
user added image

user added image

Is there any particular setting I need to change?
Thanks in advance.

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hey Amarildo

so......couple of things....has the glass got thickness? or is it like a single side? usually to get good glass and lighting add thickness.

secondly, you may need to turn your rays ups as in depth or bounce...depends on your renderer...mental ray, arnold or renderman???

start with those...

but also to get it really good, use separate passes and comp it properly so you have control over both elements


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