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# 1 11-06-2022 , 12:15 PM
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.fbx import issue

hi there,

i have an issue to import .fbx file;

the object is very very big, appears in outliner, but just in perspective view!
i just creat a simple cube in top view, but nothing appears, to figure it out, which problems of scale , i get;
i think .fbx it is enormous big, instead of very small ?
Same issue when importing .obj file.....
i'd like to snap, to maya grid , to create lights or whatever

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It sounds like the unit size was different in the program the .fbx file or .obj files were created in, before exporting in the other program set its unit size to cm, and when setting the project up in Maya set unit size also to cm.
It sounds like the model is to real-world scale possibly, most production modeling will be done in cm, so if importing a six-foot character that has been created correctly, it will come in very large.
It would only come in very small if modeled in mm, but some simulations would not behave correctly if modeled at that scale, and programs like Marvelous Designer would also not work correctly when importing into, as they also work to the cm real-scale workflow.

# 3 18-06-2022 , 02:17 PM
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ok i have changed ; near and far clip plane of each camera; and it works !

# 4 24-08-2022 , 12:11 AM
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I am also facing the .fbx import issue and I have tried everything to fix it but can't find the solution online. I am glad I found your post and now I will do it as you said. Thanks for the suggestion. By the way, if you want to read essay samples online then you can visit here where you can read them for free. When I want to read free essay samples, I always visit over there.

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Far clipping plane add 3 zeros for each viewport camera

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