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# 1 30-04-2023 , 03:57 PM
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show all hidden faces of just one mesh


I have a scene with multiple objects and have fiddly work to do on some of them. Isolating specific meshes and then hiding faces on that mesh work well enough when I need to get to hard-to-see areas.

However, when I'm done, I'd sometimes like to re-show all the hidden faces of just that mesh. Show 'last hidden' isn't always applicable as sometimes I've hidden the faces in several steps. And 'show all' is a pain, as I then have to go back and re-hide all the other objects and cameras.

Is there a simple command to reshow all of just the selected mesh?



# 2 30-04-2023 , 07:38 PM
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Found a solution - select the mesh in object mode - hide then show the object - reappears in its entirety

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Thanks for sharing the solution as well.

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