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05-06-2018, 11:03 PM   #1
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Combining Mulitple Textures Into One
Hey Everyone,

I'm new to Maya, and Iím running into issues when combining textures together.

I purchased a 3D model that I plan to import into a 2D animation software called Creature. This software converts 3D models into 2D meshes to be used in a 2D setting. In order to allow Creature to import 3D models, they must be combined into one single mesh, in the form of an .obj file, along with all textures being combined into one atlas image.

After about 10 hours of work yesterday, I finally figured out how to load the project file into Maya, getting the textures to load. Then combining all objects into one was pretty straight forward, but now Iím combining the textures into one, and Iím not exactly sure how to do so.

I tried the automatic mapping UV wrap tool to get all of the modelís faces into a single UV, but I can't seem to merge the textures together to fit the newly laid out UV map.

If anyone could offer some insight on what Iím doing incorrectly, and how I should be going about doing this, itíd be very greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot and I very much look forward to hearing from everyone.
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