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29-11-2018, 03:08 PM   #1
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Pasted objects lagging.
For part of my coursework I needed to make a diorama and part of that diorama includes a wall. Knowing that the texture of the wall is going to be tiled, I created 1 little section of the wall, unwrapped that, and then just duplicated the wall piece over and over again to make a full wall and then stitched all the vertices together to make it one object. Now I have a single mesh so I only have to texture 1 part of the wall and the whole thing will be textured. There was probably a better way of doing that, but that's the way I did it. My problem now is that whenever I click on said wall my Maya freezes for a good minute before I can do anything; and then everything I do after that causes Maya to freeze for a minute again each time. This is making it difficult for me to apply the texture to each separate wall that I have (I have several walls of different lengths).

I notice that the name of my wall is something like: group12|pasted_pasted_pasted_pasted_group11|pasted _pasted_pasted, you get the idea. A lot of groups and pasteds in the name. So I'm guessing that that's probably the problem. Is there anyway I can delete the pasted information from the wall so it is just treated as a freshly created object?
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