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Default Variable names and variable names!!!


MEL doesn't allow arrays/matirces of more than two dimensions....

I need a 'matrix' with 3 dimensions.....which I can't have....that contains a reference to (any) number of objects, the number of vertices of that object and the (x,y,z) positions of the vertices.

I need this so I can loop over each object, get each vertex and ultimately it's position and store them all to refer to them later on.

I thought about two two store each object and a matrix to store the vertex and position data. How can I 'link' them together???? I can I create the object variables in one loop and then refer to those names in another loop to get the vertex data????

Anyone got any idea?

Sorry if this question is convoluted.


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why can't you just format the matrice like this?

matrice vertice 2d -

|x, y, z| row 1 - vertice 1
|x, y, z| row 2 - vertice 2
|x, y, z| row 3 - vertice 3... etc
|x, y, z|
|x, y, z|
|x, y, z|

So far this has worked for me in c++ when working with my own 3d prog.

Works well when dealing with other such as rotation, translation, and scaling matrices.
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