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Default basic menu problems

Hey this is my first day using Maya and this forum and I'm trying to get the absolute basics down, so I downloaded the basic human form free tutorial. Right in the first couple of seconds I already ran into trouble. I don't seem to have the Modeling mode option in the dropdown menu in the top left corner and I can't find it anywhere. Also, I think I accidentaly hit Material Attributes or something and now the attribute menu on the right side of the screen is taking up about half of it and I can't work through the tutorial with it in the way because it won't let me follow the guy's instructions. Can anyone help me get rid of it and bring back the original side bar and find the modeling mode option? Thankkkk youuuuu!:headbang:
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The big box on the side of the screen is probably the attribute editor. Simply hit Ctrl+A and that should get rid of it for you. Hit Ctrl+A again to bring it back when needed.

As for the Modeling Menu set being missing. I think that you might be using an newer version of Maya than the in the tutorial.

You can find the same menu's,and tools under the Polygon Menu set if your modeling Poly's, and Sub-Ds and Nurbs Under the surfaces menu set.

Hope this helps.

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if you're new to maya may i suggest you look at maya's tutorials first.
that way you'll get a basic idea of the UI (user interface) elements and you wont be so lost

i'm not sure but i think all the free tutorials are using an older version of maya, like 6.5

and in that version menu names are different and some menus are rearranged differently and some menu options have completely vanished and merged with others for a good cause (eg, extrude is just a single command, there's no more extrude vertex/face/edge), and some new menu options are around like duplicate special

but yeah, the tutorials that came with maya are current to the version of maya you're using, so you should look at those first.
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As has been said, the tutorials are using an older version. The modeling menu set has been devided into polygon and surfaces.

As has also been said, you will likely want to start off with some more basic tutorials.
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Old 13-01-2008, 04:29 PM   #5
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Oo it all makes sense now, got it! thanks a lot for your help guys i appreciate it:attn:
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