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Old 15-01-2008, 07:19 AM   #1
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Default Second Life Turtle

Hey and here i have created a turtle for Second Life virtual world, to be used by Zirux Solutions.

I used only 7 Sculpts/Prims.

Comments are most welcome.
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Old 15-01-2008, 07:36 AM   #2
As Zbrushiac sounds stupid!
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This model isn't as impressive as your Environment, though it is pretty good! It just seems like the turtle is WAY out of proportion.... and it also looks like you've got a bit of Cross bread going on!

You seem to have the head of a Red eared slider, and the Shell/Fins of a Sea Turtle.

So what type of turtle were you aiming for???

As for the proportions mentioned earlier... The head is too small, and the Fins are WAAAAAY too big.

Also the Shell is pressing inside of the turtles head.

Anyway, it's ni9ce to see someone model a Turtle/ Tortoises, as I really like Them. I have a Red Eared Slider Named Squrtle, and we used to have a Greek Tortoise named Bruce! Plus we had a couple of other Turts!

But, now were left with Squrtle, and Pig Floyd the Guinea pig!

Sorry that was way off topic! :headbang:

Anyway, pretty nice work!

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Old 15-01-2008, 07:54 AM   #3
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Hey there, thanks for your comments.

As mentioned above this is a second life model made with maya, so creating something for this game is very limited.

But no excuse

Indeed i combined multiple creatures into one

Initially i wanted a sea turtle but could not find a good enough reference for a sea turtle`s head.

Indeed the proportion is incorrect, i`ll have to modify this.

Cool man i never had a turtle must be very cool.

Thx for the comments much appreciated.
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Old 15-01-2008, 08:07 AM   #4
Some Guy
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It looks good
With the proportions, does it really matter?
I recon this looks cool with the over sized fins. You don't always have to change the look of a model for the sake of having perfect realistic proportions. Sometimes it seems that people forget that 3D art doesn't have to be 100% realistic all the time and it can have a different look and style to it. If you want realism just take a photo. It depends what you are aiming for, and this is just my opinion. dismiss it if you want.
keep up the good work though

also, his neck kinda looks like a foreskin...
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Old 15-01-2008, 08:11 AM   #5
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Didn't realize you could make models for second life in maya. Could you give a rough workflow as to what you need to do once you have created a model to be able to transfer it across. Remember reading ages back that people were making a decent amount of money by making content for the game.

Good work on the turtle, he may be off in the mentioned areas but he looks v.good for a game model.
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Old 15-01-2008, 01:40 PM   #6
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I agree it doesnt have to be uber realistic
i like it but it is a bit cross bread
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Old 15-01-2008, 02:15 PM   #7
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Hey someguy, thx for your reply. Indeed sometimes it is over the limit of to perfect models.

My client did like the model so i assume it`s all ok.

Realism depends on the final output, an area like Second Life you can get away with it. Not in next gen gaming or film.

i have updated the image, smaller fins and edited the head.

Leonlabyk there is a tutorial i made here

Only that the tutorial is in Flemish but my client has requested a translation to english, so i`m awaiting for the final order to be placed. So keep an eye in my blog there are weekly entries of info.

@elephantinc thx for your comments.

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