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Default employment contract runs out...need advice

I work for a large studio in the UK. This is my first job since leaving university. My contract is ending at the end of October, and I know that they have no more work on, so it looks like I’ll need to move on.

My problem however, is approaching studios, as I’ve never done this before. I can’t put my showreel online because of the material on contains material that hasn’t been released yet (It’s watermarked and I have permission from my producer).

My plan is essentially ‘cold-approaching’ studios – I have no idea if they have vacancies or not.

Can anyone give me advice as to what to write in an e-mail to potential employers? I need to say something along the lines of:

“I’m an animator at ____ and my contracts up from <date> and seeking employment. I can’t send you my showreel, but I can bring it with me if you want to give me an interview….”

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Yeah its a tricky one for sure. But hell yeah, go in cold, half the battle is enthusiasm. But just be prepared for not having your application replied to as studios sometimes reply to those in the running. And that can take up to two months if you are lucky. Studios also like fresh meat so they can mould them in their way of working and its good for the company as well in the long run.

Find out when the stuff you re doing will be aired. Its the safest way. I had the same trouble when I finished ITVs Headcases. And the same will happen on the current projects Im on too.

But the cool thing is you are just out of uni too so dont you have course work to show until the new stuff comes out? As long as you put it on your cv that youve worked at 'Blah' Studio and state the position you worked you'll be fine.

I have the same trouble, but by getting a reference too from a manager or supervisor on your cv will be proof as well and will help heaps.

Just keep plugging away, you'll soon have stuff to show.

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Old 11-09-2008, 07:41 AM   #3
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Just try and find contacts and when you find them, keep them! keep in contact with your old work place every month or so, and keep sending in updated reels to the studios. Somthing will happen eventually, just dont stop creating, go to all the festivals you can, anything where you can meet people.

Be visable, and keep emailing. Good contact is the key, join networking sites like linked-in, they are good too. Through that i know people at pixar, ILM and most the major soho studios.
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As i think I work for the same studio as you I would suggest talking to a few of the animation supes and asking them if they know of anything going on in London at the moment. Everyone knows everyone and someone will have some work going on. I also heard ILM are looking for a bunch of animators at the moment

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