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Default Is there a job for me?


Iv just finished a multi-media course at university where we touched on 3d. Unfortunately it was only for a very short amount of time but it made me realize just how much i love 3d modeling. The problem is i am currently confused about one thing. To be a 3d modeler in either the film or game industry do you have to be able to design and/or draw concepts? I ask this because i cant draw, and have never really had to come up with design concepts myself, but i can model relatively well from reference images such as photos. My worry is that even if i was amazing at modeling from reference images, would it be enough? Please help if you have any experience of the industry as i really want to start getting on with my career, and i think i need to know if this is a viable one for me or not before learning more and creating my showreel.

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If you're truly amazing at modeling and texturing and whatever, then, yes, you can get a job. People aren't going to pass by amazing.

That said, it doesn't hurt to at least be capable of sketching.
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I can't draw either :blush: but i can make very very bad sketch of what i must model and go from that.. But i draw terrible like 5 year kid so i think ... you can get a job without drawing in some studios there are concept artists ... if you can model by referance they give ya the ref and you model it's not a problem... My opinion... i'm not working in the industry. YET ! but i want to just like you so when i have free time i model day/night ...
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it is possible to get a job, but what i found was here in the UK most studios are less inclined to give people who dont have any studio experinence a job,

because of the fact that they're investing all that money in you they want to make sure that they're getting someone who knows the "ins and out's" of the industry and also getting their money's worth,

so what i suggest you do is find as many animation, game studios and offer your services for free i.e voulenteer work,
you'd be supprised who many companies will take up you offer, that is if you show talent.

thats what i've been doing this past 6 months, going from one company to another,

that way when the studios look at your c.v/resume' they'll see that you have relevent experience and at least give you some concideration,

granted it is unpaid work but the knowledge and experience gained is priceless,

just my 2 cents on the matter hope it helps

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