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Old 27-01-2003, 12:16 PM   #1
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Default design help required

hey guys i knwo some of you work in webpage design so i need some help with my header any suggestions:
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Old 27-01-2003, 04:24 PM   #2
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left eye vision????? come on
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Ok, this is what i suggest

Professional look: left Eye Vision should have a capital infron tof all letters, so Left Eye Vision. Ditch the "2d/3d art homepage of mumbojumbo_13" just because that doesnt really have to be there.. but if you want it to you could put it in small font with arial in the bottom right hand corner. You could also change it to Digital Art Homepage of MumboJumbo_13. You would have to capitalise all of your links at the bottom "Home, Gallery, Tutorials, Downloads, Links). Also you see where you have the gradient below the links? Maybe you should continue a gradient on the white bar seeing its technically above the link bar and it should cast a shadow. If that doesnt look good then give it a 1 pixel outerglow, fool around with the settings until you get it right. Something with that eye has to change though, keep reading and i will explain later.

Laid back look: You could Keep the left Eye Vision the way it is, but change the eyeball to something more bright and different then the rest of the layout.. a green or red maybe.. or a bright orange (Hex - FF9900)<---my favourite. Make sure you do something to the bottom part, either take away the gradient on the link bar, or add one to the other white bar. Your pattern for the line grid thing, well maybe tone it down a bit and throw in one of your pieces of art that kinda just "fits" in there and bring down the opacity to around 40 or below. But yea, the thing that mostly catches my eye is that eyeball and how its not done too well. Cool effect of the blue around the eye, but just, it doesnt work. Maybe a mitre saw blade with the pupil on the inside?

Ok, these are just opionions and suggestions. Overall its your site and it goes to personal preference. Good job though, i like this.

Heres kinda the color i meant for the pupil.

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