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Old 04-04-2003, 02:06 AM   #1
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Question army simulator

Hello guys.

I would really apreciate your help and your opinion here.

I'm from Ecuador (Sudamerica) and I'm 20 years old. I don't know so much about Maya (yet) (I know the basics of modeling and animation). The thing is that today I was in a meeting with the "Ecuatorian Navy". They told me if I could do a couple of simulators. They want me to make a docking simulator for one of their ships.

I was wondering what would it take?
I've never been in a project of this magnitude.

How many computers?
Which Maya to buy?
How much money for the job?

The programming would be in Maya?
Any other option for the programming?

How much time do you think that would you take in a project like this?

Please write as much as you want about this topic.
More info is better for me to understand if I colud do it or not.
Feel free to email me at

Thank you.
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Old 04-04-2003, 02:37 AM   #2
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well don't know my self, but really interesting so ... would like to hear updates..
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Old 08-04-2003, 01:45 AM   #3
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sounds to me like you would need some background in something like c++, or a similar language. You could probably program it in with direct3d or openGL, and use models you've made in maya. oh, and a good understanding of the physics of the ship in water.

- Jacob
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Old 27-04-2003, 04:05 PM   #4
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yeah you would need to do it in C++ or a similar language. Maya does not provide any interactivity e.g if I move my mouse the view will move accordingly. as Blinn said you would need to model in maya and then import into your program

The physics of the ship would not be easy at all. Realisim would be of the utmost importance and that could take months or years to get right. If you have little experience in Maya and little or no experience in C++ I dont think that completing this project would be at all feasible (sorry to be negative but it's a really complex project believe me!)

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Old 27-04-2003, 05:29 PM   #5
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c++ would be good. But if your going to be using alot of graphics, I would personaly choose Java. Handeling graphics in Java is much eaiser. You could make some animations in maya. Such as: You run into the dock, you can make an animation in maya of the ship blowing up, or the dock, breaking.
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Old 27-04-2003, 06:13 PM   #6
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Dude, that sounds awesome and all, just I have to say.. turn back. You clearly dont know enough about programming or 3d design to try to make this for them. Its nothing offensive, just you have to realise that you are looking at needing a team. You would need to know how to program, need to know EVERYTHING about that ship, and you would need to be a good 3d modeller of course. When i say a programmer, to make a program for a ship is insane. Also do they want it to be in a booth so that it simulates everything? usually they are.. so that would cost you hundreds of thousands there to design that. What are you currently doing? That would help out to be able to tell if this is feasable .
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Old 29-04-2003, 09:34 AM   #7
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I'd love to help on this project, and i'm sure some others would too. But judging solely from how you asked the question you yourself would NOT be able to do it. But if you found the right message boards, and they (the navy) gave you enough money I don't think ALL is lost. Although you would need :

An EXPERT in coding (probably C++, or assembly)
An EXPERT in physics of ships like that
and someone who knew how to combine those types of things

in the long run the MAYA end of the project would be quite minimal. But maybe we are all missing the point. Are they just asking you for the graphics end? You should find out all of these things. It would certainly be an interesting (and HARD, which isn't a bad thing necesarrily) project! If THEY would be willing to pay for those experts, this IS possible. I meant its been done many times. I would try talking to someone who has worked on a similar project B4 also. I can link you to a guy if you'd like.

Sounds like ALOT of money to me, that they would pay you/give you to fund this project. Did they mention their budget? Once again i would ask.

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