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Old 23-10-2003, 04:39 PM   #1
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Default 3 Newb Questions Thanks

Hey Everyone,

Ok I'm a 3dmax user making the transition to maya. I've followed a few of the freebie tuts and have a couple questions.

1. I created and saved a layout for a front and side view for obvious use in rotoscoping objects from image planes. I want to set up a hotkey for this but I can't seem to find my layout in the hotkey editor. Why?

2. In setting up image planes I checked out the dragon tutorial and have noticed that I could also set up image planes through the viewport camera atribute editor. My question is I like the polygon plane method as you can use layers. But the image plane doesn't match the bitmap and so when I scal the object I get stretching. In max there was a script called rotoscript that would create a image plane the same size of the bitmap so that the proportions are correct, how do I do this in Maya?

3. This may seem crazy, but I cant find in the edit polygon menu or found a way yet to bevel edges. Example I want to create a cube but not use the smooth option and create a nice cude or any mechanical surface with rounded edges. Ideas?

Thanks alot and may I just say I'm blown away by what Maya can do as a complete package it makes me feel like in comparison to 3dsmax like I was playing with legos.

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3) Edit Polygons > Bevel
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Old 23-10-2003, 09:14 PM   #3
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welcome, Let me be the first to welcome you as a new maya user if no one has already. I can try to help by providing what i know about maya and max since i was also a max user many moons ago.

1) You can make a hot key for the 4 panel view by going to the menu Window>setting and pref>hotkeys there you select catagory>windows and to the right of that select four panel view and to the right of that select a hotkey.

2)what i do here is before importing my image plane into maya i use photoshop to make my image a 1:1 ratio (3x3, on) then when i import it doesnt distort. If you look on you might find a script to do this in maya. Note: with maya, you dont need plugins to do most of the things you need as oppsoed to max. Maya has its own programing language, so you can write your scripts to do just about anything you want or download someone elses script.

3)you can find the edit poly window in the modelling menu. make sure your in the modelling menu in the upper left part of your screen.
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I'm new to maya and this web site and I was woundering how to get points for the training videos I would Just like to know how so I can learn
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