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Object distorts when rotate

I know it's something obvious but just can't remember what it was. It's been too long ago.
My poly object (modeled from 2 spheres) distorts when I rotate it. It's not parented under, or grouped with, any other objects. I froze it and deleted all history ... what else to do?

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how did you create the poly object?

since you said it's made of two spheres i can't help but assume the combining process of the two objects got messed up somewhere and they're not attached properly.

not only that, but most transformation oddities such as this are caused by grouping or parenting (which i know you said they aren't) so i'd look around in your hypergraph and make sure there aren't any empty nodes attached to it or anything.

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it's a double transform issue, which is weird because you said it's not parented. Did you do your freeze etc when it was parented to something else then unparent it? If so re-freeze and delete histoory. Worse comes to the worst because it's a simple obeject you could always export as an OBJ and then re-import it. That might fix it. But that's only as a last resort. You could also try going into the hypergraph and checking for any connections that shouldn't be there and delete them.

Or you can post the scene file for us to look at
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It was still parented to an hidden object indeed. So I took everything apart to make sure nothing was parented and/or grouped and did the freeze and delete hist. thing. When I parented back the hierarchy it worked fine. Thanks for the help. user added image

Now that it's fixed, I've been playing around with it.
It seems that any transformation to an object that isn't frozen afterwards will have effect on its direct children only. So, if any object in hierarchy has a transformation, it _must_ be frozen to prevent this behaviour. Either in hierarchy or not.

I now understand _how_ it occurs. But still don't know _why_. Does it have a deeper purpose or is it a bug?

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It bugs really badly on occasions... don't concern yourself too much with it though.

I usually just create a group and edit the group when little glitches like that piss me off. That creates more objects and shit, but when you clean up your file (or export and reimport if you're lazy and lucky since I've yet to get any exporter to work)

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Thanks for the info.

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