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# 1 17-01-2007 , 06:10 AM
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How do i make a goal net?

How do i make a goal net?

or whats the best way to make it?

someone else also asked the same question few days ago
but it's seems there weren't a good replay so
i decided to ask the same question again...........

thanx in advance for the help you guys are giving
for new people like us

# 2 17-01-2007 , 06:55 AM
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Hey there dotnet54,

there's a bunch of different ways that you could make a goal net depending on how you want to use it or how it is going to be displayed in the finished piece.

For starters you could look into transparency/alpha mapping, it's an easy way to make holes in things using textures rather than geometry.

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# 3 17-01-2007 , 07:25 AM
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Yea just like happymat said, a trasparency net would be your best option depending on what you want to do with it. If you build it using curves when you can make it alot more interactive but as i said it all depends on what you want to do with ur net

# 4 17-01-2007 , 08:06 AM
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As Mat has stated there are a lot of ways to deal with this task, but it all depends on the end result your looking for.

Game Asset - Polygon Plane Texture (with Alpha)
Photoreal Image - Model it to detail and/or use above
Film/TV/Animation - Model it to detail as above and use cloth to get it react correctly

These are my solutions and others will have there own ways. I suggest you look at what your end result wants to be and use that to get your workflow sorted and how you want to tackle it.

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# 5 17-01-2007 , 09:37 AM
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thanx for quick replays

can anyone please give me some links to tutorials for making
things like nets

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