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Default moving partical emitter has no effect in hardware render

Hey guys,

Im working on one of my first models in maya: a spaceship. After modeling my ship I made a jet-fighter kind of outtake on the trust. It looks pretty nice and i would like to keep it just the way it is. The problem is, when i render it after i have moved the ship (with the partical emitter, the particals and the Volume Axis Field I used for the effect), the partical emitter stays where it originaly was. In my perspective it all works fine, thats the wierd part of it.

I am using maya 5.0. The render I did was a hardware render. I tried everything I can thing off, including rebuilding the entire effect, but after render it stays where i put it originally.

Could I be doing something wrong, or is this normal. Is there work-around for this, because I am planning to animate, so i need to move the thing.

P.S. The guys of the free tutorials are doing a hell of a good job. It helped me start off with maya pretty good... Thanks.

P.S.2 sorry for any type errors I made. I havn't written in English for ages and i'm from Holland.
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I don't understand.

You parented to emitter to the space ship, and then you animated the ship, but the particles don't follow or the emitter doesn't follow? Are you caching them before you animate? If so, turn off the cache. It it's just the emitter that doesn't follow, check to make sure the heirarchy is right, or if you just animated the emitter without using parenting, try re-keying it.

If you want to piost the file I could take a look because it should be easy to do what you want so I bet you missed something really small. Happens to me all the time.
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