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Old 16-11-2003, 05:32 PM   #16
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It's as simple as this: SM is one of many helpful sites in getting people up and running with Maya. We have a good community here and good tutorials. Considering you join once at $22.50 USD and get 14 pts to start downloading several vids....whether your company pays for it or not, anyone working at McDonalds could pony up the cash for that if they really had the desire to learn. If the videos don't appeal to you, well that's fine...maybe it's not worth your money. Pricewise, it's more than fair and like Dave said, The folks that do subscribe and purchase points are the ones that keep the site alive as bandwidth costs $$$, especially a site that has high traffic such as SM).
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Default Re: Depresing

Originally posted by Hpqst
Im still very sad that the points system was created. I dont know how long its been here, but I do know that I cant afford to pay for points, nor do I have anytime to enter any contests.
My suggestion is to give another way to gain free points.
I understand that people who are getting the tutorials should have alot of money. And if your job involves those high-end programs you should have a lot of time on your hands. Its just that some of us are doing this for fun. Not me specifically, but some of us are. I've already posted somethin else in another thread but all I ask for is some other way of gaining points.
Thanks for your time.
Welcome to the real world.
In the real world, people play with Blender and other software. People work with Maya or other similar high end package.

You said you work and all, Im trully sorry but if a company actually makes the investment for not only one but three high end packages, then surely they need to invest in learning material for them.

Sounds like a whole lot of bollocs that story of yours. (The webserver and all)
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Old 16-11-2003, 11:26 PM   #18
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If your in the industery, why on earth have you gonna learn.

Dont mead to sound rude, but why dont YOU just pay for 14 quid, it's hardley alot.
Yeah, but no but yeah but no....

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Old 17-11-2003, 09:53 AM   #19
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Im fed up of explaining this every week

If you dont want to pay for someones time then dont, maybe ask gnomon if they will send you there dvds for free

also there will not be other ways of winning points.

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