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pivot point
hi guys i am using maya 2011. when i rotate the animation from frame 1 to 10, i adjust the pivot move it to btm of the object the i set keyframe at frame 1 and 10.rotate animation is ok.then i try to rotate in other position at frame 40.then i set the pivot to the center of the object n rotate, the problems appear, because i check again from 1 to 40 frame, the pose of the rotation change! suppose the pivot is in the btm of the object at frame 1 to 10 but now the position of pivot change into center of object.. pls guide me to fix this problem..

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rotations are based off the piot point, and since your not keyframing the pivot point position its just keep the last place you moved it to and using that with your old animation.

Go into the channel editor and click edit>channel control, you need to move the:

to your hidden keyable or not-hidden keyable section.

You can now key the pivot freely, the reason this is not keyable by default is to stop artists breaking rigs and setups.
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hi laurie priest tq sound like technical stuff i will try
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