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05-04-2015, 08:37 PM   #1
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How to make blendshapes between meshes with different vertex order?
Hello! I have a question about blendshapes - how to transfer shape of one mesh to another one, if they were made from one the same base figure and they have the same vertex count but different vertex order?
To explain it more clearly, for instance, I have one base unchanged triax weight-mapped figure (Figure A), which has its own stable vertex count and order -

Figure A

Then I morphed this figure in several third-party programs, where it was broken to body parts (exported from its native program as splitted unwelded OBJ), for easier editing and morphing (because with a welded OBJ my editor crashes too often). After morphing I welded body parts (OBJ groups) and saved the figure as a new OBJ, which has the same vertex count as an original Figure A but different vertex order. I name this new OBJ as Figure B.

Figure B.

Now I need to transfer the shape of Figure B to the Figure A (to make the morph). As the vertex order differs, the morph is not working by itself. So I need to make this base Figure A to take on the shape of Figure B (that means to transfer vertex position from the morphed B to the base unmorphed A)? How to do it in Maya, if the vertex order was changed? I guess I should use Transfer Attributes, but which options exactly must be checked? As far as see, Uvs remained the same too - can I use it for transferring vertex position? If I should make a blendshape, how to it exactly?
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