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03-07-2015, 05:57 PM   #1
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Help! Render Settings reset when i batch!
There seems to be a bug or something but i cant find any info or post about it, like im the only one its happened to. My render settings keep "resetting" to 'max trace depth 400', 'Shadows 50', 'Shadow method = simple'... The rest sticks to what ive got; but the fact that it switches to simple shadows from segments ruins my render.... While working the scene I noticed this was happening when i looked at the render settings and didnt know what was causing it, i just changed it back. But now im really worried because im trying to batch render and every time i hit batch it switches! Please help i cant delay this render anymore and i dont want to use scripting to batch from render window because it is a very long batch render to risk hitting 'esc' key! Another weirdness i can point out is that during scene work sometimes when i did a lot of renders while adjusting shading and illumination the renders started coming out looking like unified sampling = 0.1 instead of = 1.0 (this is an estimate, setting did not change unlike the ones mentioned above) and taking more than double the time, i had to restart Maya to fix this every time it happened. Now in the batch render results that i got before noticing this reset issue i noticed the same quality problem, its rendering like 0.1 or similar and sliding to & fro in the render view from, a batched frame to a window frame you can see the shadow, the quality and (i dont know if this is the result of the quality itself) what looks like a very sligh offset in the textures like the surfaces they are on were subtly extruded outward (this was also apparent in the render trials when i had to reset maya)! .... Please heeeeelp!!!
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