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23-01-2007, 07:51 AM   #1
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Dynamics, make a sphere move inside a bowle.

i am working with dynamics to make a roulette table. And I would like to get it to start moving on the top of my bowl and travel in circles in to the bottom. I have tried to link it up with a active and a passive rig. and start it by using initial velocity but it just makes its way to the top ov the bowl and from there out of it. of couse have i added gravety, but it dosent seem to mind it..

I need som help!!

PS. check out Casino movie that will be posted in march.

The yellow mark is here I want it to be, but ist heading towards the red one...
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23-01-2007, 10:25 AM   #2
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hello there, could you please batch render or playblast it so i could see whats happening? are you saying the ball rolls fine but then makes it way up again and jumps out?

[EDIT: if it keeps jumping out, have you though about decreasing the velocity spin?]


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23-01-2007, 11:10 AM   #3
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sorry to do this to you Marlon, it's been killing me for the past 45 mins now. But I've got a solution worked out, so I'll just run you through what I did, step by step, verbatim.

Note, it may have something to do with scale, but I can't be sure without the file that's behaving badly. At the start of my quest, my ball was behaving in just the same way. Not sure which of these steps overcame it, but here's all of em.

1) Create poly sphere, radius 13.5, 20 segments
2) set ScaleY to 0.333
3) delete faces on top half
4) create torus, radius 14, 20 segments
5) delete faces on bottom half
6) reverse normals on the half ball
7) combine both pieces
8) select all verts then merge vertices, 20 dissapear
9) create poly sphere, translate <12.1, 1.7, 4.7>
10) select bowl, make passive rigid body
11) select ball, make active rigid body
12) with ball still selected, add gravity
13) set ball initial velocity Z = -5
14) select ball and bowl, zero Bounciness, Static & Dynamic friction
15) set max frames to 500
16) hit play

Here's the scene file, done in 7.0 - if using version below that, use the .ma file - just edit the first couple of lines with notepad and set all references to 7.0 to _you maya version_ number.

Then it's just a matter of adjusting the friction to suit the rate at which you'd like the ball to slow down.

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