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Keyframe simple maya loops in python?


I have this very simple python script in Maya that I want to "animate".
I first want to adapt the end time of the animation to the number of iterations, in order to have enough keyframes for the animation.
After that I want to add a keyframe for the movement of the polyCube at each loop iteration to produce the moving animation.

import maya.cmds as mc

iterations = 10 #number of keyframes
transVal = 1 #translation value for each iteration

mc.polyCube(constructionHistory=True, width=1, height=1, depth=1)

for i in range(iterations):
    mc.move(transVal, cube, relative=True, moveZ=True)
    mc.setKeyframe(insert=True, value=i)
Would it alternatively be possible to add a keyframe at the beginning and one at the end and let maya calculate the motion tweens (like it does when using the UI)?

Any ideas?


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