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10-10-2007, 11:00 AM   #1
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Zbrush 3.1, normal maps, and the layer brush

I know this isn't a zbrush forum, but I've posted on zbrush central and it's a pretty slow board. If anyone knows anything about zbrush maybe they can help.

I want to make a normal map for my obj file. What I want to do is use the layer brush tool, so that multiple strokes will still only add up to the zdepth total, so I can make an even raised/indented sculpt.

However, this only seems to work if I've made a morph target immediately before I sculpt, meaning that I can only make a morph target of my subdivided model. I believe to make a normal map, I have to make the morph target on my base mesh before I sculpt. But, if I do that, when I subdivide and sculpt, the effect of the layer brush in accumulative, and the depth builds up.

There must be a workaround to this - anyone know?


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