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# 1 07-05-2004 , 10:40 AM
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Dual Monitor and saving layout

Hi all,

I have a dual monitor setup with a quadro 980 XGL graphics card.

I have the Hypershade, Attribute Editor and Outliner open on one monitor and the panel layout on the other monitor.

In Preferences|UI Elements I have set the "Starting New Scenes" to Keep Current Layout.

What happens is that all the mentioned windows open with the sizes that I set, but they all open on the same monitor, and each time I have to drag them again onto the other monitor.

Any suggestions ?

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# 2 07-05-2004 , 05:56 PM
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its mayb coz of the nVidia software (nView??), maya's windows aint like normal windows of other softwares, its made out of maya's own scripting GUI language, mayb nView does not recognize it... donno tho, just a suggestion

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