Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
# 1 23-04-2005 , 06:16 PM
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hi all.

before you say anything i have used the search function, thank you!!!!

My issue is pissing me off so badly.....

i'm modeling this car and am currently birailing the fender surfaces......

script editor:
select -r curve3detachedCurve2detachedCurve4detachedCurve2 ;
select -tgl curve21detachedCurve4 ;
select -tgl curve16detachedCurve2detachedCurve4 ;
select -tgl curve22detachedCurve4 ;
select -tgl curve19 ;
select -tgl duplicatedCurve2 ;
select -tgl duplicatedCurve1 ;
{ string $Selection1[]; $Selection1[0] = "curve3detachedCurve2detachedCurve4detachedCurveSh ape2"; $Selection1[1] = "curve21detachedCurveShape4"; $Selection1[2] = "curve16detachedCurve2detachedCurveShape4"; $Selection1[3] = "curve22detachedCurveShape4"; $Selection1[4] = "curveShape19";
string $Selection2[]; $Selection2[0] = "curve3detachedCurve2detachedCurve4detachedCurveSh ape2"; $Selection2[1] = "curve21detachedCurveShape4"; $Selection2[2] = "curve16detachedCurve2detachedCurveShape4"; $Selection2[3] = "curve22detachedCurveShape4"; $Selection2[4] = "curveShape19"; $Selection2[5] = "duplicatedCurveShape2"; $Selection2[6] = "duplicatedCurveShape1";
performBirail 0 3 `currentCtx`; };
multiProfileBirailSurface -tp2 0 -ch 0 -po 0 -tm 1 -tp1 0 curve3detachedCurve2detachedCurve4detachedCurve2 curve21detachedCurve4 curve16detachedCurve2detachedCurve4 curve22detachedCurve4 curve19 duplicatedCurve2 duplicatedCurve1 ;
// Error: mpBirailSrf1 (Mp Birail Srf Node): birail surface computation failedd

does this mean that not all points are touching each other because i swear i've triple quadruple checked this..and it's pissing the sh*t outta me........

Any help is appriciated....

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# 2 23-04-2005 , 06:17 PM
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man how do i get a clear picture of my screen while keeping the size to a min???? this screen is super blurry sorry....

# 3 24-04-2005 , 06:56 PM
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use Snap to Curve and then just run through the intersections again,.,, should solve it, otherwise, i think its the history....

cant see anything btw,

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# 4 25-04-2005 , 04:21 AM
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yea i know..snap to curves....

i was wondering if there was a more efficient way of snapping points to the curves...because not all cv's lie on the path of a sometimes snapping a cv to a curve doesnt' actually snap it to the curve.....

nurbs is very frustrating.......user added image

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